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Electric Wheelchairs: Shifting to Joysticks


Joysticks are battery-operated systems within electric wheelchairs. They are tied to a computer system that gives your wheelchair a much higher level of precision in movement, mobility, and independence. Electric wheelchairs primarily accomplish these features through a few key benefits.

Benefits Joysticks for your Electric Wheelchairs

Proportional Control is More Responsive

Joystick movement, or “proportional control,” is a more responsive, precision-oriented navigation technology. The wheelchair immediately begins moving in the direction the user is directing the chair to go towards. Paired with a digital display, the user interface of the joystick’s power gives a much higher quality of transportation.

Customized Programming Options

Additionally, programming the unit to respond to an individual’s needs differently is a crucial element of what makes joysticks work so well. Strong proportional control that takes into account the force necessary to engage movement, or rotational velocity when turning. Everything can be adjusted in a user-friendly manner to make sure the needs of the user are accounted for effectively.

Complete Independence

One of the drawbacks of a manually operated unit is the limitations that come along with your independence. Operating the machine, risk of falling from fatigue, etc. They all set in from operational factors. Since the joystick and electric wheelchair limit your fatigue so heavily and extend mobility, you rely far less on those around you. This added independence breathes new life into your daily routine and reminds you how it feels to be in complete control.

Strong Battery Life, Minimizes Fatigue

Fatigue sets in easily when using a manually operated wheelchair. With a joystick’s added responsiveness, it additionally provides a great deal higher ease of use. Since there isn’t physical motion necessary, you can travel for extended periods of time without having to rely on any physical exertion.

Additionally, the battery life of electric wheelchairs is high enough that you can travel even further in a given day than ever before. With your joystick attachment, you have complete control and independence in your travel as well. 

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