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Dragon Mobile (EX) Controller Box

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Dragon Mobile (EX) Controller Box
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Controller Box for Mobility Scooters by Bangeran

We at Bangeran aim to become the pioneer of Mobility Scooters in the US, with our Controller Box being easy to install, handy and affordable for those that own Bangeran Mobility Vehicles.

How to Install Controller Box in a Mobility Scooter

  • Step 1: Be sure that the scooter is turned off.

  • Step 2: Remove the screws from the plastics that is under the seat, then remove the plastic.

  • Step 3: Disconnect all the cables from the controller that is currently in the scooter right now.

  • Step 4: Connect the wires of the new controller box to the cables that comes from the steering wheel and the motors.
  • Wires from the Steering Wheel - Wires from the Control Box:

    Long Three Cables: Green, Red, Black - Blue, Red, Black

    Three Cables: Blue, Yellow, Brown - Orange, Black, PurpleBlack

    Three Cables: Green, Red, Black - Pink, Gray, Black

    Two Cables: Black, Yellow - Green, BlueWhite

    Two Cables: Pink, Gray - Black, White

    *While connecting the wires please don’t force the plugs to connect if you are struggling, the forks in the plugs may bend if pressed too hard. *

    Bangeran Compatible Models:

  • Bangeran Dragon Mobile Scooter with Child Seat
  • Bangeran Dragon Mobile EX Scooter with Large Seat
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