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Dragon Mobile Wide Seat with Spare Part

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Dragon Mobile Wide Seat with Spare Part
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Compatible Models:

- Bangeran Dragon Mobile Scooter 

An instruction on how to install wide seat to a bike seated Dragon Mobile

Step 1

Unscrew the screws and the screw holders holding the two thin long metal pieces connected to the bike seat framing and the scooter. (Please don’t lose the white round plastic pieces)

Step 2

Unscrew the screw and the screw holders connecting the forks of the frame to the scooter.

Step 3

Connect the big seat’s frame to the scooter. (This takes a little effort to insert the screw holder into the frame)

Step 4

Connect the thick long metals to the frame and the scooter, like the thin long metals. (Be sure to have the big round hole on the thick metal to face inwards into the middle of the scooter, and at the side of the scooter not the frame)

Step 5

  • On the side that thick metal connects to the scooter, have one thick one thin white round plastic in between.
  • On the side that thick metal connects the frame, have two thin white round plastics or one thin one.
  • Be sure to have the new thicker screw and screw holders on the side the thick metal connects to the frame.
  • Step 6

    Once all the steps are followed the new frame is installed successfully, now you can put the wide seat on top of the frame and drive your Dragon Mobil as if it were a Dragon Mobil EX.

    *When you want to fold the new Dragon Mobil EX you must take the seat off first, since it cannot be folded with the wide seat on top*

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