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Innovative Ultra Lightweight Folding Kids Pediatric Electric Wheelchair with Unique Safety Features by Bangeran

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  • Standard/6Ah
  • Extended/12Ah
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La silla de ruedas eléctrica Pegasus Ultra Lightweight lo llevará entre cualquier destino. Las sólidas 4 ruedas se desplazan sobre todas las superficies y NO requieren absolutamente ningún mantenimiento ni bomba de aire. La función antivuelco de las ruedas evita que la silla de ruedas se vuelque al circular por carreteras con baches. Para máxima seguridad, esta silla de ruedas está diseñada con dos ojos de gato, un cinturón de seguridad, un faro y motores de CC sin escobillas que brindan un alto control instantáneo de la velocidad y una alta eficiencia.

Características especiales

  • Faro en el apoyabrazos, cargador USB, 4 ruedas sólidas, ultraligero (38 lb)

  • Cinturón de seguridad y sistema antivuelco

  • Batería de litio respetuosa con el medio ambiente (SIN contaminación ni ruido)

  • Todo terreno: caminos con césped, rampas, ladrillos, embarrados, nevados y llenos de baches

  • Cojines de asiento y respaldo de espuma viscoelástica transpirable

  • Joystick inteligente de 360 ​​grados + mando a distancia

Qué está incluido

  • 1 silla de ruedas eléctrica.

  • 1 batería de litio de 250 W.

  • 1 mando digital.

  • 1 mando a distancia

  • 1 cargador.

  • 2 bolsas de almacenamiento.

  • 1 caja de herramientas.

  • 1x Manual de usuario

Preguntas y pedidos

What you wonder about Pegaso ?

What are the distinct features?

Pegasus is equipped with the most portable battery we have. This becomes a huge advantage when traveling. The Pegasus is a smaller version of the Mammoth Series and because of its portable size is suitable for petite users. Hence, we call it a pediatric wheelchair.

How do I take good care of my wheelchair? 

Please do not use your wheelchair at the temperature above 104 F or below -4F. Also check all the bolts and nuts periodically (Every 3 months) and tighten them if needed. Also tighten the plugs and other connecting parts in order so that the wheelchair works smoothly.

How do I take good care of my Battery? 

Avoid recharging the battery after completely draining to extend the battery life. Please try to charge when the battery is 20%. The ideal battery life is highest when using at room temperature.  If the temperature is below 32F the battery life might be shorter and when the temperature is -4F or less the battery life might be as low as half or more less.

How many degrees of incline can the wheelchair climb? 

6 degrees.

What kind of Brake System does it have? 

Pegasus has an intelligent electromagnetic brake.

What are the Unlocked/Locked Freewheel Levers? 

There are red levers at the back of the rear motors.You should see that you will disengage the motor from the wheel by doing that. When you push the levers up the wheelchair goes to manual mode and when you push the red levers down the wheelchair goes to automatic mode.

Max Speed ?

The wheelchair has 5 speeds and the fastest is 4 mph.

What is the weight capacity ?

265 lbs.

How do we install or remove the battery?

The battery is on the bottom of the wheelchair frame pointed upwards. It slides in and out when the button on the bottom of the battery is pushed. The battery is small and looks almost like a cordless screwdriver battery.

Is the Pegasus compliant with TSA and FAA regulations?

The main reason a device may or may not be compatible with TSA and FAA regulations is the battery size. The Pegasus with both regular and extended battery is compliant.

For any questions regarding compliance, please contact the Bangeran Customer Support.

How do you set it up for manual use?

There is a red lever at the back of the rear motors. Pegasus goes to manual mode when you push the red levers down and the wheelchair goes to automatic mode when you push the red levers up.

I turned the scooter on, but it won’t budge or go / or the joystick makes a beeping sound. What should I do?

There are two red levels behind the back wheel. If those latches are in manual positions, the joystick will make a beep sound and it will automatically turn off. Make sure those two red levers are on automatic mode, if it still doesn’t work you can always contact us

How exactly do you charge the battery? Do you flip the switch at the battery on/off or just plug it up?

There is a charging port under the joystick. You can charge your wheelchair from there.

Does this wheelchair go free wheel?

Yes, when the power is turned off the wheelchairs go to freewheel mode automatically.

Are we able to swap the joystick from right hand to left hand control?

The joystick controller is interchangeable for left handed and right handed individuals.

Does this reverse?

Yes it goes in reverse. Just pull the stick backwards using the joystick.

When I push the wheelchair, it folds, why?

There is a latch which prevents the wheelchair from folding at the back of the wheelchair. If that latch isn’t locked the wheelchair might fold when you push it manually.

How do I pair the Bluetooth controller?

The remote control comes paired with the wheelchair joystick. If not, while the joystick is off, please press and hold the on/off button and unfold button together for 3 seconds. A red and yellow indicator light on the remote controller will flicker and this means the previous pairing history is deleted and ready to pair with a new joystick. Next, open the joystick and hold the remote control next to the joystick. A beeping sound will be heard and this sound means that the pairing was successful.

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Accessories for your products

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Upgraded Products

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De $1,849.00 $2,199.00
$400.00 APAGADO
De $1,399.00 $1,799.00
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